Promoting Positive Change on Planet Earth through Sacred Sounds and Spiritual Rock

Lui Krieg and Paul Foss are the founding members of the group “The Alchemysts Of Sound” who specialise in a unique fusion of modern and ancient sacred sounds. With their performances they transport the audience into an altered state of being, using sound healing frequencies that effect the subtle energy body and gentle guide people into a spiritual experience. From there they bring in the elements of “Spiritual Rock” to bring a unified vibration to the audience.

They lift the energy with the power of “the word” using modern mantra, poetry and sacred text. With their new songs such as “Spirit Rise” “No Limitations” “I’m Ready” “Change” they introduce their powerful vision of positive change to the audience.

On the stage they fuse sacred sound instruments like Crystal Singing Bowls, Hang Drum, Crystal Didgeridoo, Gongs with classic rock instruments such as Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboards to create a truly unique experience.

During the performance they awaken all the elements and thus create a sacred space.

Latest Releases

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